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I have a Gen 1 and want to tow behind a motor coach. I purchased a 2 wheel Stehl dolly. Is there anyone that has experience that could share them with me?
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Towing 2013 Volt

I have towed a 2013 Volt for thousands of miles behind our 36 foot motorhome. I use a Master Tow dolly and have never had any serious problems. I have modified the Master Tow provided setup in that I am using tie down straps from Adventure RV that have two anchor points on the back side of the tires providing much firmer and easier installation. I also installed two tie down safety chains under the car that connect to the dolly and loosely connect to the underside providing enough movement for the suspension. With the Master Tow dolly they recommend that the steering wheel must be tied to prevent movement. I do that with two tie down straps from the steering wheel to the floor seat brackets. Only issue I see as a negative other then the added work of loading and unloading is that the dolly tires suffer quite a bit of scuffing wear from turning with the long overhang of the motorhome. Not a big deal, but the tires are only lasting around 15,000 to 20,000 miles before they get pretty skinny on tread left.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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