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Touch-up Paint

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Got a new 2017 Volt two weeks ago and already dinged the door :( ... I would like to get some touch up paint to make sure the spot where the paint chipped doesn't end up rusting. Should I get the official GM touch-up paint? If so, is it a spay can, a bottle with brush, or maybe a pen? How would I find the GM part number? The color of my Volt is Silver Ice Metallic.

Or should I go with a third party paint? If so, can anyone recommend a good source that ships to Canada? Anyone know if this paint is available as a touch-up pen? A pen seems like the easiest to use on a small chip, although I might be wrong. Never had to do anything like this before on a car.

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I used the paintref site above recommended by jeff_h along with the Volt ordering guide:

To purchase the following for $22 last year:

It is now $15 and qualifies for free Amazon shipping. It matches okay but lacks the metallic sparkle of the OEM paint job. Better than getting rust, though.
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