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Some people may think these are an oxymoron. I think this is great:
1) As we know, improving the MPG of the least efficient vehicles saves more gas.
2) Showcasing plug in hybrid technology, will coax those lusting after these to learn more about the tech, how it works
3) Prove the performance of the technology, making it not just the green choice, but the driver's choice.
4) some people have to have the sound of dino powered engine. I find myself missing it once in a while. These cars will let people have that when they want it, but still be able to drive electric.

When I watch a movie with an ICE car revving, I wonder what Hollywood will do when the ICE only car is on its way out. electrics don't have that dramatic effect, maybe one day we'll be able to run the motor in neutral? I imagine it would be a nice whirring sound :)
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