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$$$ to replace the Volt battery pack?

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After owning a GM volt (let's say for 5 years) I am assuming it would be time to replace the lithium ion batteries. AND HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?
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Doesn't anybody read what Lyle posts in his blog? Info straight from GM? They have told us more than once that they are designing the battery pack so that it will supply power enough to go 40 miles EV range for 10 years! This means that the brand new Volt battery will no doubt do better than 40 miles. They have always said this. In fact, now they are saying that they want to provide a ten year 150,000 mile warranty on the battery pack. Where you guys got the five year replacement schedule is beyond me. It wasn't from any GM press release. This car is having a tough enough time making it to market without us starting mis information about it. Here read up:
My original question was posted 7-21. In looking at this link you provided, it suggests the info was put out by GM or Lyle TODAY, 8-5. So what is the hollering about?
Jeez, I'm sorry. My comment was too quick and perhaps a tad strong, but I was not really directing it at you as I recognized that you are new and may not be up to speed. My disappointment was with other older members going along and not pointing out that ten years has always been the goal. I thought for sure someone would let you know that after a few posts. You're new, so you don't realize that Lyle's post today is purely coincidental (I was stunned that when I went to the home page to search for past postings on the blog about the battery pack life, I found that today's post was exactly this topic!) and that the main point of it is that GM now feels confident in the battery packs enough that they are planning to warranty them for 10 years or 150,000 miles. The stated goal for months has been 10 years of battery life.

Anyhow, again I apologize. I really don't try to beat up on new folks. I guess I'm just frustrated with all the negativity that people seem to have about the Volt lately. GM has not released one single fact or figure with regards to it's price or performance. Only loose estimates and design goals. Yet people here seem to want take these wobbly figures and try to turn them into hard facts. Can anybody tell me any hard performance or pricing facts about the next generation Prius? Probably not, because Toyota isn't saying anything. I personally love this intimate view into the design and development process that GM is allowing us, just we can't take every new bump or ripple build it into cloud of doom without hard facts.
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