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$$$ to replace the Volt battery pack?

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After owning a GM volt (let's say for 5 years) I am assuming it would be time to replace the lithium ion batteries. AND HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?
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I'll admit to being in group #2:
#2. People who hate foreign oil suppliers.
Further, I can only assume and hope that GM is addressing battery life and any possible replacment affordability issues as they design the Volt. That's because I tend to keep my cars for a VERY VERY long time compared to the average American consumer. I usually purchase used vehicles because the overall value is better. But I have bought 3 new vehicles in my life. Those were/are, a 73 Corvette, a 79 Camaro, and a 04 Colorado. Of those I still own and drive 2 of them, the 73 Vette and the 04 Colorado. I did sell the Camaro after driving it for 16 years.

So you see, I've come to expect longevity and reliabity from my Chevy vehicles. I'll expect no less from the Volt, and I suspect that I'll keep it until they pry my drivers license out of my wallet in 20 or 25 years. At that point I want a good hot rodded electric wheel chair.
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