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$$$ to replace the Volt battery pack?

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After owning a GM volt (let's say for 5 years) I am assuming it would be time to replace the lithium ion batteries. AND HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST?
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I agree

I agree with your analysis. Yes, what is the cost of the battery replacement and how often, and how does that relate to cost to mpg.

Also, first read that cost of Volt would be $30k. On CNN news recently quoted cost would be $40k-$50k. I am in shock at the cost of autos today. Seems the American way of 1st introductions to innovations is the highest cost possible, factoring in greed and failure.
Success and competition forces competitive pricing but the consumer must first endure the initial sticker price (i.e. iphone). Considering this car hits the market at $40k-$50k, plus within 3-5 yrs replacement of batteries, is it really worth it? Or is chevy going to be realistic with a great product at an affordable price? Once the product hits the market there will definitely be others fast on the trail to produce price appeal to the masses. Chevy may be 1st but will come in last.

I find it amazing that Europe has been producing fuel efficient cars for years. We just woke up... and are now playing catch up. We are bombarded on TV with ads of autos getting 30mpg....what a joke! No wonder the auto industry is in the toilet! Wake up guys!
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