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To get a Chevy Volt licensed in the European Union .......... help needed

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Good afternoon,

my first EV was a 2013 Volt, which I imported to Austria. After that, I tried a BMW I3 REX, but the range extender is not really developed for long distance rides. So I ended up with my next Chevy Volt a 2017, which is right now in Austria and on it´s way to get licensed. The Volt is not available in Europe - what a shame. It is the best car I ever had.

BUT: before this can be done, I need to know the lumen for the led low beam headlight.
There is a regulation, which needs a level automatic, if the light emission exceeds 2000 lumen.
I tried to chat with a GM agent, but they have no knowledge about lumen or can access any information about.
I tried to email GM with that request, but all I got was an email subscribtion to the newsletters, but no answer.
And I have no idea where to get this information - can anybody help me out on this??
Some technical data sheet on the front lights, I googled for days inside the internet without success.

The turning lights have to look (also) sideways, which was the easier way to cover and the system allowed to
add the two led lights.

Well, we will see, what other regulations will act as a trap.

Thank you to everyone, who is willing and trying to help.

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The 2017 owner's manual may have what you need.

If it does not have what you need, you might have luck speaking with a GM electric vehicle advisor
1-866-754-8100, Hours: M-F 9am-9pm EST

Or, there is a Chevy Customer Service rep on this forum and she may be able to help.

Good luck.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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