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Tires and Range

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So the Volt comes with un-sticky high-mpg tires. What impact on range might their be to putting on some better tires that might improve feel, handling, and braking? Has anyone tried this yet and gotten any data?

(Sorry if this has been discussed / beaten to death before)
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Replaced OEM on a Gen 1 with Bridgestone DriveGuards--heavy, NON rolling resistant tires. Better handling for sure. Range loss? Definitely. Even overinflation makes only marginal improvement. I'm still satisfied with the choice.

Oddly, I've lost about 4-5 miles in summer, but only 1-2 miles in winter. I use different strategies to conserve battery range in winter, so maybe that blunts the impact of the tires since the bigger hit is temperature/HVAC usage.
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