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Tires and Range

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So the Volt comes with un-sticky high-mpg tires. What impact on range might their be to putting on some better tires that might improve feel, handling, and braking? Has anyone tried this yet and gotten any data?

(Sorry if this has been discussed / beaten to death before)
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It is still being discussed on this forum:

There is ample evidence that mileage will be 5 - 10% lower with non low rolling resistance (LRR) tires than with the OEM Michelin EnergySaver A/S tires used on the 2016/2017 Volt. The OEM Michelin tires have lower rolling resistance at the cost of grip and handling. The Michelin tires will easily slip on wet pavement if you are not careful with the application of the accelerator pedal as you pull away from a stop. The stock tires are also not the best tires for driving on snow covered roads. If you plan to drive on snow and ice covered roads then a set of dedicated snow tires and rims for the winter months would be best.
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