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Tires and Range

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So the Volt comes with un-sticky high-mpg tires. What impact on range might their be to putting on some better tires that might improve feel, handling, and braking? Has anyone tried this yet and gotten any data?

(Sorry if this has been discussed / beaten to death before)
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I definitely upgraded with Sonic wheels and Michelin Premiers, 205 65R 16 tires (Gen 2). The ride is much better, noticeably quieter on all road surfaces, and steering feel is much improved.

I don't see much difference in range, but it might be a little better under some conditions. The Sonic wheels are a little heavier than stock since they needed a bunch of extra weights to balance, but the tires are a little lighter, so that's almost a wash.

I found the OEM Energy A/S tires to be a handful on left turns that have a curb on the median; I never could get a good feel for what they were going to do - either trying to nick the curb or sliding out into the next lane, they always needed constant corrective input. With the Premiers on, I can set the wheel and take a consistent line in a turn. The Premiers are also able to negotiate fast corners without protest, they are much more capable than my passengers.
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