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Tires and Range

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So the Volt comes with un-sticky high-mpg tires. What impact on range might their be to putting on some better tires that might improve feel, handling, and braking? Has anyone tried this yet and gotten any data?

(Sorry if this has been discussed / beaten to death before)
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I own two Volts. I've had Michelin Premier A/S on one and OEM Fuel Max on the other. I'd say my range was off maybe 2 miles per charge on the Premiers. Premier handled much better and were quiet and well mannered. After about 20,000 miles, the wet traction--as advertised--was still great. But declining dry traction and climbing noise were getting so bad, I had to replace them.

I just got a set of Continental TrueContact from Tire Rack and I find them to be much more satisfying than the Premier. Even new, my range is about on par with the Fuel Max. This tire is better in just about every way - profoundly quieter, smoother, still decent handler in dry and wet (though I haven't experienced any really nasty weather yet), without any penalty in range. Steering feel is slightly muted compared to the Goodyear, though not to the point of considering it a negative.
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