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Tire Replacement options?

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So I popped a tire on Friday on my ‘15 Volt, and ended up replacing all 4 tires (36k miles 5/32) and was opting for these Road Hugger GT Eco as the salesman recommended me personally as a Electric car owner.

Unfortunately they didn’t have enough in stock and threw on some Goodyear Assurance Touring tires ($25 more per tire) I guess considered an upgrade?

I have yet to try out the full range to see how much I’ve lost, but figured I’d ask..what are other owners throwing on to maintain range. If I notice a big difference I may just opt to come back and get the original set I purchased.
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Michelin Premier A/S are an excellent option. I purchased mine at Costco. I actually gained range compared to my previous OEM tires. Ride is so much better.
I am also very happy with my Michelin Premier A/S tires. Much quieter, better handling and better in the snow than the OEM tires. I did lose about 5 miles per charge range. I have the V rated version. I have seen posts indicating that the H rated version loses no range compared to the stock tires.
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