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Tire Replacement options?

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So I popped a tire on Friday on my ‘15 Volt, and ended up replacing all 4 tires (36k miles 5/32) and was opting for these Road Hugger GT Eco as the salesman recommended me personally as a Electric car owner.

Unfortunately they didn’t have enough in stock and threw on some Goodyear Assurance Touring tires ($25 more per tire) I guess considered an upgrade?

I have yet to try out the full range to see how much I’ve lost, but figured I’d ask..what are other owners throwing on to maintain range. If I notice a big difference I may just opt to come back and get the original set I purchased.
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Thanks for the tips. I went ahead and looked it up, weight it's the same as OEM apparently, but of course not really an "Eco" tire." It seems like the set they gave me is some collab between Goodyear & America's Tire Co. Had 51 miles yesterday and only squeezed 44.9 out of it. Granted I was on the highway doing 60-65mph so it seems decent.

I'll definitely get a better idea on my commute to work this week and see how it goes. This mornings wasn't able to get full and had 45 miles charged up, drove 26 and now have 17 miles remaining.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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