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Tire Replacement options?

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So I popped a tire on Friday on my ‘15 Volt, and ended up replacing all 4 tires (36k miles 5/32) and was opting for these Road Hugger GT Eco as the salesman recommended me personally as a Electric car owner.

Unfortunately they didn’t have enough in stock and threw on some Goodyear Assurance Touring tires ($25 more per tire) I guess considered an upgrade?

I have yet to try out the full range to see how much I’ve lost, but figured I’d ask..what are other owners throwing on to maintain range. If I notice a big difference I may just opt to come back and get the original set I purchased.
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I just replaced the OE tires on my 2014 with a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 tires. Right now I have about 2500 miles on the set.

They're not rated LRR. They're Ultra-High-Performance All Season. I looked all over for an actual rolling resistance comparison between LRR and non-LRR tires and was unable to find one.

That being said - here are my observations:

The max range on my guess-o-meter with the OE tires last summer peaked at 49 miles. So far this season it's around 43. I'm expecting maybe it'll climb a little bit when the temperatures rise just a little more. (Update: 40 miles yesterday on battery with 7 miles remaining when I got home)

On a kwh - kwh basis, same (local) trips, I might see a 5% difference between the original set and the new tires. And that doesn't take into account the fact that these tires are nearly new and that was when those tires were 2/3 of the way through their life.

Grip is leaps and bounds better. The tires don't spin on damp pavement and it corners much better. There's the safety factor too.

On highway trips the rolling resistance matters less as a higher fraction of your drag is wind resistance.

The OE set had about 50,000 miles (safely) on them when they were replaced (I think one tire was replaced before I got the car - second owner). I've gotten 40,000 miles on 3 sets of DWS tires before on my previous car (Acura TL). I'm already saving about $800 a year in fuel costs and oil changes. I think the DWS06 tires are totally worth the tradeoffs vs the original LRR tires.
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