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Tire Compressor broken again

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Hello Minor problem compared to others but I wonder how long these compressors/Seal kit last. I had to replace one with the 2013 volt and now the one with my 2015 Volt broke. At the switch. I was expecting this one with the 2015 to go as it was laboring alot after 35PSIG where the units with the 2013 hummed right along to 42 PSIG. Actually the unit reads about 45PSIG to get 42 PSIG on the tires. You have to overshoot what pressure you want to see on the display. I think I checked this a few years ago with a hand gage and the display is more accurate then the compressor gage.
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Hello For anybody out there that does use the Mickey mouse air compressor, It is warrantied by the 35000 mile warranty. What will probally happen is the switch will break. Do not tell them (The others/Dealers) that it broke, you have to say the switch malfunctioned. If you say the switch broke they will TRY and call it pyhsical damage (Like dropping it from a 10 story building) and it will not be covered.
I think I am the only one who ever admitted using this thing???? I have never seen much about it before. So for what it worth that is how to get a new one. But it sure did not look new to me. Oh well at least I got one, so can you.
12v power cords are cheap and easy to bodge in.
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