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Tire Compressor broken again

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Hello Minor problem compared to others but I wonder how long these compressors/Seal kit last. I had to replace one with the 2013 volt and now the one with my 2015 Volt broke. At the switch. I was expecting this one with the 2015 to go as it was laboring alot after 35PSIG where the units with the 2013 hummed right along to 42 PSIG. Actually the unit reads about 45PSIG to get 42 PSIG on the tires. You have to overshoot what pressure you want to see on the display. I think I checked this a few years ago with a hand gage and the display is more accurate then the compressor gage.
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I actually just got a notification for this which might be a better option for emergencies.

It's kind of an all in one from newegg thats a jump start device and includes an air compressor attachment. For $60, it's kinda hard to go wrong.
60$ is not a bad deal. it lists a cycle life of 1000 times. But it's so small. How could it be more durable then the one that comes with the car? One answer would be if they use a better off/on switch then GM does.
I think the cycle life is charges for the main battery unit. I certainly wouldn't rely on that unit for regular usage to top off the tires, but great for a backup emergency situation. And with the additional capability of being able to jump start the car, $60 is cheap peace of mind.
Personally I'd rather just carry around a can of fix-a-flat anyway. Cheaper and easier to get than the OEM canister and certainly more reliable than some of the horror stories I've read on here about them failing to even get the goop into the tire to begin with.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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