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Tire change then SHVCS

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I finally wore down the tires that came with my 2012 volt and got a new set yesterday. I didn't go to the chevy dealer since I figured it was just tires like any other car and it saved me nearly an hour of driving. Last night when my wife was out running errands the Service High Voltage Charging System error showed up and now the car won't charge. Is there anything special that needs to be done when the tires are changed? Has anyone else had this happen to them?
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Replacing tires has nothing to do with the battery. Zero. This is either a coincidence or as Off Oil said, the car may have been damaged during the tire replacement.

Given the year and the message, when was the last time you looked at the battery coolant level? If it gets too low, it can trigger this error and prevent charging. If this was the cause, you will need a trip to the dealer. They will want to pressure test the coolant system for leaks, then they'll add coolant and reset the system so you can charge again.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that I checked the coolant level this morning before posting; it's the first thing I thought of after following this forum for a couple of years. :) The coolant level is a little below the max line, but well above the min line.
What are you calling the Min line?

It could also be a faulty coolant sensor. Have you installed the WOT sensor yet to eliminate that possibility? If you haven't you should. If you haven't you'll need to wait until after the car is serviced.
I saw a set of arrows on the passenger side of the coolant reservoir that I assumed were indicating a low mark line.
The coolant level should be at the top of the black label on the tank's passenger side. Min would be at the tank seam, but I would advise not letting it get that low. At 5 years, the coolant should be replaced.
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