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Tinking, Sparking noise. Please help.

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Hi guys,

I have a 2013 Volt and having an issue that I need your help.
Please watch youtube that I have posted (volume up). Can you hear clinking, tinking, sparking noise? It is difficult to describe that noise.

My Volt makes that noise in random time; however, it is not hard to replicate because it always makes that noise. I said random because it makes that noise sometimes when I hit the brake, release the brake, or even idling. But it always does that when it is slowly moving and stop. However, it doesn't do that when reversing.

I took it to a dealership for an inspection. The service advisor said that it is normal sound which every Volt makes, and further he said some volts make that noise when it is new and, for some, later. This explanation just doesn’t make sense to me. Is it to you guys? Furthermore, the type of noise that I am hearing wasn’t normal. Is it to you guys? To believe him, I asked him to bring a Volt which makes this noise from their inventory then I will believe him. He said no. Also, the technician ran DTC and there was no error code, and he visually inspected the vehicle and did not see anything wrong.

My questions to you guys are:
1. Is your Volt make this noise? If the noise is normal, then there must be many of your Volt on here make that noise.
2. Has anyone had this issue and got it resolved?
3. Those of who have not heard this noise before, is this sound normal robotic sound to you?
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Mine does not make that sound. It sounds as if it is coming from wheel movement. That would indicate a bearing, axle nut, brake caliper, cv joint, or just something stuck in the tire tread. Does the ticking get faster with speed?
The loose axle nut noise is more like a thunk when you start and thunk when you let off the accelerator or tap the brakes, basically when you cause the axle to push or pull differently than before.

When driving around in any parking deck with the windows open, I hear all sorts of noises from the car, some like this. I also hear squeeks and squeals from the calipers slightly rubbing against the rotors. I've concluded that because the car it so quiet. You can pick out these noises. Most ice vehicles have an engine running which tends to drown out these noises.
Well, I just tested my car with the radio off, windows down, near 70 degree unseasonably warm weather (and they claim climate change doesn't exist) and no tinking sound. Before you go into the dealership, make sure all your lug nuts are tight. I remember my Deville making noises like that when I inadvertently forgot to torque down a wheel. Did you have a tire rotation recently?
If you have a floor jack you should try putting chocks on the rear wheels, jacking up the front, putting it into N, and spinning a wheel one at a time to see if your hear anything. But only if you are comfortable that you wont' accidentally send the car off 'the jack and really mess something up. I found that my floor jack is too high to get to the jack point Iunder the struts) so I have to first drive 'the car onto some wood and a stack of bricks before I can get the floor jack to clear. If you don't the garage, tools and knowledge, then take it in and have them look at it.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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