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Ticked off at the state of IL

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Purchased car in March and went straight to DMV to register.
Got charged a motor fuel tax as DMV deemed the Volt an EV.
They sent my stuff off to the state and plates were to come in the mail.
4 mos later had to go back in to get a longer temp tag as they hadn't come in yet.
2 weeks later they send me a letter with all the paperwork stating that DMV forgot to charge me for a title transfer fee or something like that. Sent a new check in with all the paperwork.
New plates and sticker come in about August.
Wheew...thought I was done.

A week ago the state sends me a letter stating my plates don't match the body style and it's illegal so go to DMV.
Hand the pile of papers to DMV and come to find out, Illinois doesn't see the VOLT as an EV. Since it has a gas engine range extender, they classify it as a hybrid. (everybody is flat clueless if this is a new classification or not). They really gloss over when you try to explain the engine is in no way conected to the tires through a driveline.
They proceed to issue me new passenger car plates. I asked about the fuel tax over charge and DMV doesn't do refunds, call this ### for reimbursement.
Called than ### for reimbursement and since it has been over 6 months I have to submit a special small claims reimbursement to the state.
Everybody is so happy to help me to call someone else, no one takes responsibility, they are all sorry this happened, even though its not their fault, and they hope I have a good rest of my day.
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There are many locations that require vehicles with internal combustion engines to continue to meet emissions limit requirements in order to be legally used on public roads in the state. Does the Volt have an ICE?
There are some areas (not MA just yet) that have alternative tax structures for electrically power vehicles that use public roads yet don't pay via the tax collected at the fuel pump. Does the Volt meet that 'electrically powered vehicle' definition?
I'm still subject to the annual state emission check-test for the 3/4 of the car that's ICE. I have no reason to expect that I won't also be subject to any future road use fee that might be imposed on the other 3/4 of the car that is grid electric.
I'd hate to be solo in the HOV lane when the battery runs out. What was a legal use as a single occupant in a BEV is instantly illegal as the ICE starts.

In MA it is also a hybrid. DMV doesn't care if its series, parallel, what battery technology, any technical stuff.
I have EV plates on my 14 gen1 at the recommendation of my insurance agent. The plates are no added cost above the standard issue passenger plates, and to date, have no perks associated. The recommendation-suggestion to apply for the "EV" designation was solely to be a means of providing some basic level of notification to any potential first responders attending to an accident that there is a high voltage electric source present and to use added protection while assisting in extrication.

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hold on... you have 1.5 Volts? (3/4 + 3/4)
.75 BEV + .75 ICE = 1 Volt.
It's not a full electric car. I has less battery capacity, goes a shorter distance, and has slower acceleration due to carrying that ICE stuff, than a typical battery powered car, so it's 3/4 of a typical BEV.
It's not a full ICE car. It has a small fuel tank, goes a shorter distance, and has slower acceleration due to carrying that BEV stuff, than a typical ICE powered car, so it's maybe 3/4 of a typical ICE.

Don't get me wrong. I have zero expectation of any offset or rebate when the state imposes a road use fee on electric cars as alternate to the pump-paid road use tax on ICE cars. I fully expect I'll be double taxed although I have one registration and insurance coverage on this car(s).
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