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Hi, everyone! As a new contributor to the
site who has loved visiting it regularly for
a while now, I just thought many of you might like to have their attention drawn to three Youtube videos of recent vintage re the gen2 Volt. The first, from only a few days ago, is a pleasant, largely positive review that I think noteworthy (and unusual) for having been authored by a female Volt owner :
The other two are somewhat older and
happen to be a bit more substantial, coming from a YouTube personality whose
appreciation for the Volt as a feat of
engineering is infectious, and who takes to
the challenge of explicating the Voltec2 powertrain with the relish of a Scotty attacking his technical journals:
One minor criticism I have, though, is of the economy score, a "B", that he chooses to give the Volt--an absurdly low one, I think, given the car's stellar efficiency, whether in EV or hybrid mode!
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