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Thoughts on keeping the car or selling it

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Just wondering what other Holden Volt owners are thinking of doing with their cars. Our lease is up at the end of the year, and I'm thinking of selling it while it's still got the extended factory warranty and electric component warranty on it. Having to travel a couple of hours to get it serviced now is also part of the thinking, particularly if something goes wrong.

It's a shame, as we love the car and it's been without any faults apart from the tyre pressure monitors which are all about to be replaced under warranty, and it's worked out really well for us. I guess the big issue is the unknowns of any future servicing costs, since they sold so few of them here. It's a tough choice as it's got so many positives.

The cars seem to sell quite well on carsales, and for good reason I suppose. If I was travelling within the battery range each day and could pick one up between $25-$30k, it would be a good move. I thought about maybe going to one of the new Leaf's with the bigger battery when they come out, not sure. I also had a look at the new Camry Hybrid and it was quite impressive as well.

I've been looking for information on what type of big repairs people ended up facing that have more miles on their cars than I do (135k), but I'm really not seeing much at all. The vehicle seems to be quite well made, so it could realistically go for ages yet without anything major happening.

No doubt someone else might be chewing this over as well. I'd appreciate any views. Particularly if anyone has had to pay for any big repairs out of the new car warranty period.


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Well I bought a Volt that came off lease. I looked at the service history and didn't see anything noteworthy. There's was still time/mileage left on the Voltec warranty so I figured I'm covered for a couple of years in terms of severe battery degradation.

It was still a gamble in my mind and I think for a lot of people. That's why in the States at least, the resale value of EVs is relatively low. My wife and I buy used cars rather than new and keep them a long time. We try to pay the cars off quickly and for most of our marriage, we haven't had car payments. I hope that strategy will continue to be a sound one with the Volt. We prefer to use our money for travel and experiences rather than spend it on vehicles and other material things. Some people have enough money to do both. :)

So I think it depends on your situation, your financial goals etc. Technology is moving fast in the world of EVs so if you're comfortable with the lease payments, then I think it makes sense to let this one go and then lease another car so you won't have to worry about major repairs and take advantage of the advancements that have been made in the last few years. If you'd really like not to have those lease payments, or at least smaller loan payments, then holding on the Volt at least for a couple of years seems like a viable option.
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