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It's interesting to look back to see how far EVs have progressed. The first video is pretty detailed about the Impact, the precursor to the EV1, which will lead us to the Volt. If there is any company that is capable of building an excellent electric car it's GM (if they want to). Since the Impact was built 18 years ago, I salivate at what GM could design into the Volt for 2010.

A GM 1990 Employee communications video about the Impact

Here's the EV1 squeeling (chirping) it's tires.

A web page with EV1 ads.

A nice white paper on the EV1 with driver opinions about the car.

Kris Trexler, EV1 traveled 3,275 miles from Los Angeles, California to Troy, Michigan. This is a Gen 1 EV1 with lead-acid batteries

Kris Trexler test drives the Gen 2 EV1 with NiMH batteries with excellent range.

Sigh, I wish it was possible to purchase an EV1 with NiMH batteries. The statements from people that used the car indicate it would be good for my weekday commute.

Oh I hope GM isn't pulling a fast one, how bad for them and how depressing for us.
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