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The $45k BMW i3 is now worth less than $20k 2 years later, even with less than 20k miles. I hate to say it, these cars will do that. The Bolt EV is going to be no different. Until the early adoption phase is done resale will be low unless there is very high demand for those models.

Take for example the Bolt EV. A Leaf 2 years ago cost about the same money with 1/3 the range and 1/2 the power, etc. It is going to drive the price down quickly, until we start getting only incremental updates. The Bolt EV will be crushed in price by newer cheaper models with the same range, but add features like self driving capability, etc.

Also, all the new EVs today, have a $7500 tax credit priced into them. That taken into account, and incentives to move the cars means people might only be paying $20 to $25k to buy a new Volt, so those getting the good deals might actually have pretty decent resale value. I know I over-paid for my Volt almost 3 years ago at over 20k, as only a few months later people were getting new cars for the same after tax rebates. I don't mind as my car was basically new at 9k miles, but still a bit annoying. The 3 year old Nissan Juke I traded in for it at $15k is still worth only a few thousand less than that and it would now be over 6 years old and I only paid $22k for it new.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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