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This depreciation is depressing

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I've never owned a car thats falling this hard this fast, bought for under 20k used 2 years ago and now it's worth only 8k with only 20k more miles. I mean jeez, new German luxury cars don't depreciate that fast, it's really soul crushing to know i've still got a long while on my note before i have literally ANY equity in this car.

As a car enthusiast I usually buy used trade in every few years but this dang volt is worth so little that i doubt it will ever make sense to get rid of. Anyone else feel like buying a volt was a huge mistake? with gas prices as it is theres not really much savings to be had and due to the tech as it ages it will be impossible for anyone to work on but the dealership.

Also getting almost daily reduced propulsion error......dealership can't figure it out ><
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Keep driving it. No loss in value then.
Exactly, the "value" has only gone down if you need to cash in I get my money's worth by keeping my cars maintained and getting over 12-15 years from them.

I know that doesn't work if you need to have the latest and greatest but depending on where you live you have no choice* unless you want to bleed money on cars.

* Canada (sounds like things were worse for the European Ampera, wonder why it didn't sell? ;-)
-No federal rebates
-Provincial only in 3 provinces and will never be seen in the oil producing "red neck" provinces, where I live
(your $7500 + 2500 rebates mean an extra ~CDN $13500)
-Exchange rate poor at the moment
(add 30+ %)
-To add insult to injury we pay a premium even on big 3 cars made in Canada and sold back to us)
-I'm not going to get into lease prices since I don't know much there, but I can guarantee the ones I've are 2X+ what I've read on the forum.
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