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This depreciation is depressing

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I've never owned a car thats falling this hard this fast, bought for under 20k used 2 years ago and now it's worth only 8k with only 20k more miles. I mean jeez, new German luxury cars don't depreciate that fast, it's really soul crushing to know i've still got a long while on my note before i have literally ANY equity in this car.

As a car enthusiast I usually buy used trade in every few years but this dang volt is worth so little that i doubt it will ever make sense to get rid of. Anyone else feel like buying a volt was a huge mistake? with gas prices as it is theres not really much savings to be had and due to the tech as it ages it will be impossible for anyone to work on but the dealership.

Also getting almost daily reduced propulsion error......dealership can't figure it out ><
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I find depreciation is a fact for any vehicle, so I buy the vehicle I need and that has the lowest operating costs.

I do my own maintenance between my 2008 city Golf(MK4 chassis) and 2006 hemi ram 2500. The volt is so new I don't have too, but then again, when one checks the owners manual, what maintenance will there really be?!? It has the lowest maintenance schedule of any vehicle I have ever looked at!

My spouse had a BMW 3 series, and I was seriously looking at getting her a used one. I just couldn't justify the maintenance schedule a BMW requires, it requires specialize BMW service on the newer models, which runs thousands of dollars every 20-30K. Since I put a fairly high amount of km on vehicles the volt is hands down best. Now because it is new, I am paying monthly for it above the other two vehicles which are paid for. The Golf is the lowest costing maintenance vehicle I own for the mileage I put on it, and the truck is by far the highest. However the drive and forget it factor of the volt is great. Wife really likes not even having to think about putting gas in it. The other vehicles it was weekly, but she is well within the volts daily range so has added gas once herself since we owned the car last Aug, and that is only because I am deployed to the middle east and wasn't there to fill it. She likely will not need to add gas as I will be home in Apr to fill it up lol.

Basically buy your vehicle and keep it until it is so used up it's too expensive to maintain or has broken beyond repair, which with regular maintenance, can be a very very long time. Most people buy vehicles out of "want" not "need".
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