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Automobiles are a pure consumable. Anyone who tries to tell you different is selling you something (probably an automobile...haha)

After a short string of fairly used-up cars I decided to try buying a new-off-the-lot one and see how that went. After keeping some pretty extensive records I have to say it wasn't worth it and I've only bought used since.

Of course buying used means the risk of you getting SEP (someone else's problem) but more often than not I've had supremely good value from my used vehicles as long as I used some care in the inspection before purchase. I'm also astounded at how new some of the used vehicles are. The last one I bought before the Volt had one previous owner and was 8 months old. She just didn't like it and I got a like new Gem for a freaking song.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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