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thermoelectric generator

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Here is some info on thermoelectric tech.
This could possibly be applied to the ICE running the generator! every little bit helps. Go GM Go!!
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The recent thermoelectric implementation that they have done is still one of the less inefficient ways of converting heat energy into electricity.

There are others, such as the modified form of Organic Rankine Cycle, can utilize more heat to mechanical energy to help power the wheels or turn the generator, but requires massive footprint.
One way of utilizing heat is to heat up water and split the hydrogen and oxygen and feed into the range extender engine. Little electricity is needed if water is heated and you'll recover more from the heat energy.

Here's a new concept car recently shown that uses hydrogen on demand via onboard electrolysis of water:

from CNET:
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The CNET article mentioned on demand cracking of water, so they don't need to use a large pressurized tank to store hydrogen. And yes I agree that we don't know the exact advantages, if any, of using hydrogen mixed with gasoline.

But if ever, as I am suggesting, they should take advantage of the fact that it takes far fewer electric power to split heated water than colder water. Thus you'll get more power in the hydrogen produced than the electricity you put in because of the waste heat energy used to heat the water. At least, that's the theory. As to the practice of doing that in an actual vehicle, the only reference that I can find are HHO scammers.

There is a company, the name escapes me at the moment, that have split water at by heating at high temperature without using electrolysis but with the use of catalysts. Water is pressurized so that it can continue to raise temperature above its boiling point. And car engines and exhaust gases have a lot higher temperature than the boiling point of water.
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