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Drove from Miami to New York on 80% electric... Third trip, each time more and more electric, with more chargers being added will soon be reasonable to do all electric (is possible now but I do not have unlimited time). If you live on the US East Coast check on, I may pass by your city. Every time I travel, I use a different path and end up adding stations and updating or improving existing station entries. Added 14 new L2 stations and numerous L1 outlets for hotel, food or emergency stops; plus the dozens of updates on existing station entries should help my fellow EV travelers.

Some great scenic drives are now possible on pure electric (thus possible and safe for Sparks and Leafs) that I have explored. NYC to Vermont or Western Mass via Albany, Albany to Binghamton, All the way along Florida's East Coast, across Central Florida via Orlando to Tampa and along the FL west coast from Tampa to Naples.

By the end of June planning to have 'full coverage' (have visited and verified all L1 and L2 stations - excluding forced valet, pay to park sites or accessible only via toll road) for of all FL East Coast counties, GA coastal counties and Eastern Upstate NY south of the Adirondaks. Partial coverage (50% visited and verified) in to parts of New England and between NY and FL.

Have seen the most scenic views and had fun 'charger tracking and hunting'. Hope you all enjoy the fruits of my 'labours'.

Depending on my work may be able to get full coverage for FL by the end of Sept. and partial coverage on two or more corridors to the Pacific Ocean.