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The chuggle in ERDTT only

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I have never experienced the chuggle before. I've driven the car in hold mode plenty of times and drained the battery once. However with ERDTT I am experiencing it big time. Anybody else?

I'm worried about taking it to the dealer and them being able to reproduce. It's going to be too warm here for the next week so ERDTT won't happen. The problem has only come up yesterday and this morning because of the cold snap.

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Yes, I'm experiencing it and only in ERDTT like you. My 2017 is less than 2 months old so thought I'd wait and see if it improves.

I've used nearly 2 tanks using hold mode on the highway and never noticed any issues. When it got colder, down to appropriately -12 to -15 and lower ERDTT kicked in and noticed it occurring in the 80 to 105km range.

It's being discussed in a few other threads. One person said it went away after a year, another said it just improved. Someone also said they brought to the dealer and it was labeled "normal".

Apparently there was a FW upgrade on 1st Gen but haven't seen anything mentioned for 2nd Gen.

I don't like the sounds of it, winters are long in Canada and over time the load/no load effect on the engine can't be good on affected clutch, drive chain, etc.

I will be telling an interested buddy to hold off until this is resolved. Until now I was pretty much singing the praises of the engineering!
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