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The chuggle in ERDTT only

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I have never experienced the chuggle before. I've driven the car in hold mode plenty of times and drained the battery once. However with ERDTT I am experiencing it big time. Anybody else?

I'm worried about taking it to the dealer and them being able to reproduce. It's going to be too warm here for the next week so ERDTT won't happen. The problem has only come up yesterday and this morning because of the cold snap.

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Part of this could be that your engine isn't running as well in the cold, which is unlikely but possible (I already had bad plugs in mine, at like 2k miles).

What it really most likely is, is the fact that the engine is running at an RPM independent of the acceleration load or vehicle speed, but it still tries to clutch the engine in sometimes. There's a larger speed differential so you're going to notice more jerkiness. That's just my theory, but that's what I would guess is most likely.

I always use Hold mode if I'm going to be driving over 60 MPH so I don't have any data to personally verify this.
How do I get a hold of a volt adviser? I've seen people mention it a bunch but I don't recall seeing instructions.
Your local Chevy dealer should be able to get you in touch with one if you call their service department. Some of them (like mine) even have online "contact a service rep" form where you can write to a service representative and they'll help you personally through e-mail.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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