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The chuggle in ERDTT only

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I have never experienced the chuggle before. I've driven the car in hold mode plenty of times and drained the battery once. However with ERDTT I am experiencing it big time. Anybody else?

I'm worried about taking it to the dealer and them being able to reproduce. It's going to be too warm here for the next week so ERDTT won't happen. The problem has only come up yesterday and this morning because of the cold snap.

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So I'm gonna make a bit of a prediction on this. My car had the chuggle badly until I got a few thousand on the engine. As me and a few others suspect, the chuggle results from imperfect clutch engagement and goes away as the clutches wear in and the adaptive learning in the powertrain catches up. As of today, I pretty much have no chuggle worth mentioning (and I'm picky).

I have noticed some slight chuggle in very cold weather upon initial startup (speaks to the engine not running tremendously on startup when trying to minimize startup enrichment...a tall task). But more importantly, I think some of it also comes back to the powertrain learning. The properties of the lubrication will not be the same at 15 degrees as they are at 60; nor will be the engine response to inputs. It is hard to imagine manufacturing so perfect that this is 100% consistent across all the adaptive learning is important. As such, I am not surprised some people are experiencing it when they haven't before. Just give it some time and I think it will disappear and it goes through a number of cycles.
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