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The Chinese Volt?

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Right now, people are trying to tear down ethanol, without understanding that many production plants are moving to switch grass and other cellulous sources.
Am I wrong or does Archer Daniels Midland not have a multi-hundred-million dollar contract to produce ethanol from corn? Yes, cellulosic ethanol is a much more efficient way to go than corn. But where is the evidence that production plants are moving to these methods over corn? If you have some specific information on this transition from corn to switchgrass, please share it.

Archer Daniels Midland still produces the VAST majority of our ethanol, and they do it using corn. Not to mention they are one of the single largest welfare recipients in the world. I see the potential for cellulosic ethanol, but I see the actuality of corn-based ethanol... Same thing with hydrogen... the potential for clean fuel with positive EROEI is there. but the reality is that it's less profitable to do it that way and huge companies are taking huge government subsidies to produce bio/alterna-fuels using polluting and inefficient (though profitable) methods. The potential is there. The reality is not. When are we going to get there? Are we even moving in that direction?
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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