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The Chinese Volt?

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I don't really understand fuel cells. Construction and operational theory, yes; economics, no. Isn't the efficiency extremely low and the cost very high? If tens of thousands of cars were producing only water vapor emissions, wouldn’t that become pollution in itself? Geeze, it’s humid enough during a FL ‘summer’ without all that extra water. Who will control distribution - the oil companies? I’m either overlooking some important concept or I'm just paranoid.

Ah! OK - 'on the road', an electric vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell would be more efficient that an ICE vehicle powered by gasoline. Maybe hydrogen fuel cells aren't all that bad depending on the method used to generate the hydrogen and if whoever distributes the hydrogen isn't free to screw us at the pumps. I’m still not sure about dripping water on the highways. That still sounds like a form of pollution to me albeit not as bad as what is currently spewing out of my exhaust. I envision the need to always have my wipers on to clear the mist :)
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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