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The Chinese Volt?

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Hydrogen: Can be burned directly or used in fuel cells to make electricity. It's relatively easy and quick to refuel a hydrogen car. The only polution from from combustion is water. It can be made from water using electricity. But, curretly it's "cracked" from fossil fuels releasing lots of CO2 in the process. There's no fueling infrastructure setup. To "crack" hydrogen from water requires a whole new electricity generation paradigm of solar, wind, wave or nuclear power to make the product without polution.
I think, when discussing hydrogen, we focus too much on the hydrogen that is generated from electricity. There are other forms of generating hydrogen. I'm not 100% sure of the processes in these chemical reactions, but check out : and

This company has a system which you use Sodium Borahydride as the base fuel, add water, it releases hydrogen and a Sodium Boride. Then you can replenish the Hydrogen in the Sodium Boride in another chemical reaction. I'm not sure what that reaction takes, so in the end, may have the same efficiency problems, but I think it's promising as an alternative way to get hydrogen to the fuel cell.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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