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My car has 1700miles and I had it for 1.5 months.

If you have seen my previous post, the CEL came on and the battery level drop to zero immediately.

This time, my car is going uphill on Freeway speed. The battery level drops to "2miles" suddenly, CEL came on, and I immediately feel the power drop. The car can barely maintain 55mph on that uphill climb. Immediately after the uphill, there was the downhill. Since I had my car on "L" the regen is forced off by the battery issue. The ICE rev-ed crazy high like it's going to blow up. The brake feeling totally change as there is no regen.

Very bad experience for a brand new car which was in the shop for 2 weeks(for battery repair) after I got the car brand new on mid Oct. Chevy, really? It was a scary and dangerous experience.

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They balanced the cells last time and sent you on your merry way. It sounds like the cells have become UNbalanced again, and there's something wrong with the automatic balancing they should be doing. Probably a bad cell in one of the packs, as another poster in that thread mentioned. Take it back. It's under warranty. It sucks to not have your shiny new car, but a broken shiny new car that could be fixed for free isn't any better, and it won't heal itself sitting in your driveway.
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