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Texas EV Tax Credit Apply to Volt??

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Texas brought back their EV tax credit (supposedly), the old one that started in 2014 appeared to cover the Volt with a $2500 credit.

But I can't seem to find if the new program covers the Chevy Volt?? Anyone know???

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We bought our 2014 Volt at AutoNation Chevrolet West Austin and had a terrible experience. Hated it. I've heard better things about Henna but no personal experience.

The AutoNation sales agent agreed to a price over the phone, so we drove down four hours to get the Volt. Once we had been there sitting for a hour or so, the Sales Manager came out to say they wouldn't/couldn't honor that price (made a mistake in the calculation they said). We protested and eventually walked. We did a little shopping and as we were heading back home, we decided to go back and try one more time. Since they had the only matching inventory and we needed the car, we just gave in. From that point on it kept going down hill. They added in additional fees not on the contract sheet, mistyped up the forms... one thing after another.

Due to all the screw ups, delivery was about two hours after closing. The car was delivered with no charge and close to an empty tank. IT was still parked on the lot with the other pickups and whatnot. Nobody to to a walk around with, no handshake, just the F&E guy handing us the keys and locking the door behind us. It was dark and we were exhausted and needed to drive back so we just left. When we got home, we noticed dent on the hood from someone closing it incorrectly, and a broken seat belt latch. Not the experience we were expecting.

Did get the $2,500 Texas rebate.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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