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Texas EV Tax Credit Apply to Volt??

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Texas brought back their EV tax credit (supposedly), the old one that started in 2014 appeared to cover the Volt with a $2500 credit.

But I can't seem to find if the new program covers the Chevy Volt?? Anyone know???

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Thanks for the reply and info. I am curious because I have a friend who just moved back to Texas and is interested in a new Volt. Any good deals (or dealers) in Austin anyone know?
Thanks for the info. She just stopped at Hewlett this morning. Got ZERO from them. MSRP or nothing. I wasn't there, but it sounds crazy to me.
Thank for the info, I sent it to her. She said the two at Hewlett had no charge in them and they told her a bunch of BS about the Volt and Bolt. She needs a way to sell her current pickup herself too, the book on it is $24k to $25k, but a dealer won't give her that. humm
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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