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Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze

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2017 with leather package.

This was a short test drive. The plastic was still on the seats, just off the truck on Saturday.


Diesel knock is absent, just as advertised.
9 speed automatic shifts smoothly - double clutch technology works. You have to get on the "oil" to make it downshift forcibly enough to feel it.
Stop-start technology.
Diesel torque + 9 speeds - pretty good acceleration

Low pitch engine rumble is always there - in no way is this silent propulsion.

Normally I would go with the Volt but the choice is not so clearcut here. There's zero state incentives, I'd have to buy the Volt and get 0% financing to go along with a modest amount of manufacturer's incentives. Even with the fed tax credit it's stretching to make the number close enough.
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Do we know what the official EPA / mpg figures are for the new 2017-18 Cruze diesel?

I still think it pretty hard to beat the 2016-17 Volt, and with the Fed Tax Credit, $7,500, along with any state tax credits / rebates, can bring the price down to $20,000 or so, maybe even less in some cases.

Even running just on good ole 87 octane our 2016 Volt still delivered over 48 mpg, just on the gas engine, on a recent 235 mile round trip, another 60 miles on electric....

Diesel is also anywhere from .10 to .20 cents more per gallon than 87 octane.
My last diesel was a 2003 Jetta Wagon 5 speed manual TDI the base GL model. It obtained 45-50 mpg consistently.
The new diesels have to use another tank on board with a Urea solution, which does have a cost to it per gallon and needs to be filled on regular intervals. So even if the price of diesel is the same as 87 octane regular it still will cost more per mile. I believe that gas engines have gained in efficiency and diesel's have not.

I just don't see the fuel savings with a diesel over most hybrids out there. Look at the Honda Accord Hybrid which is heavier with more horsepower and beats the pants over the Cruze diesel when it comes to MPG's and 0-60 mph times.
Diesel fuel is not always cheaper than Premium. I recall a few years back where Diesel fuel was 20 cent a gallon or so more than premium, even though diesel fuel is less refined that even regular grade gas
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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