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Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze

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2017 with leather package.

This was a short test drive. The plastic was still on the seats, just off the truck on Saturday.


Diesel knock is absent, just as advertised.
9 speed automatic shifts smoothly - double clutch technology works. You have to get on the "oil" to make it downshift forcibly enough to feel it.
Stop-start technology.
Diesel torque + 9 speeds - pretty good acceleration

Low pitch engine rumble is always there - in no way is this silent propulsion.

Normally I would go with the Volt but the choice is not so clearcut here. There's zero state incentives, I'd have to buy the Volt and get 0% financing to go along with a modest amount of manufacturer's incentives. Even with the fed tax credit it's stretching to make the number close enough.
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Is your driving pattern mostlly urban stop and go? That scenario heavily favors Evs. Even though diesels claim excellent urban mileage, a Volt can get almost infinite mileage in city driving depending on your useage pattern.

More info on your commute would help.
Typically nothing like urban stop and go and I do some long driving trips - my GEN I lifetime mpg was 70 ish when I turned it in. I'm going to have to do some work on the Volt price.. I'll pay some delta over conventional for the EV but only so much.
Then diesel may be for you. On moderate speed highway drives, gen 1 cruze diesel owners regularly beat their EPA ratings.

That being said, teh question IMHO, is not Cruze diesel vs Volt. For you, you should be assessing whether the regular Cruze might be sufficient. It gets good enough mileage on the highway, and the cost increase to the diesel may not be recovered during your ownership period.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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