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Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze

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2017 with leather package.

This was a short test drive. The plastic was still on the seats, just off the truck on Saturday.


Diesel knock is absent, just as advertised.
9 speed automatic shifts smoothly - double clutch technology works. You have to get on the "oil" to make it downshift forcibly enough to feel it.
Stop-start technology.
Diesel torque + 9 speeds - pretty good acceleration

Low pitch engine rumble is always there - in no way is this silent propulsion.

Normally I would go with the Volt but the choice is not so clearcut here. There's zero state incentives, I'd have to buy the Volt and get 0% financing to go along with a modest amount of manufacturer's incentives. Even with the fed tax credit it's stretching to make the number close enough.
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What about a used 2016 Volt? Picked one up here in western North Carolina back in January for $21k. That's a few thousand less than the MSRP of a new Cruze Diesel and you'll get 53 electric miles and 42-mpg when running on much cheaper regular gas rather than the more expensive diesel fuel.

Plus don't you have to pay for that after treatment refill on occasion? I can't see how the math can work out in the Cruze Diesel's favor.

The Volt even beats it in performance, Volt = 149 HP / 294 Torque, Cruze Diesel = 137 HP / 240 Torque.

What am I missing here?
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