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Testdrive in a Diesel Cruze

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2017 with leather package.

This was a short test drive. The plastic was still on the seats, just off the truck on Saturday.


Diesel knock is absent, just as advertised.
9 speed automatic shifts smoothly - double clutch technology works. You have to get on the "oil" to make it downshift forcibly enough to feel it.
Stop-start technology.
Diesel torque + 9 speeds - pretty good acceleration

Low pitch engine rumble is always there - in no way is this silent propulsion.

Normally I would go with the Volt but the choice is not so clearcut here. There's zero state incentives, I'd have to buy the Volt and get 0% financing to go along with a modest amount of manufacturer's incentives. Even with the fed tax credit it's stretching to make the number close enough.
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I hate to be near a running diesel, let alone own one.
having owned two TDI VWs recently I don't see why. You could sit behind it when running and only feel warm air, not a smell at all. Gasoline engines produce a noticeable scent when running, catalytic converter and all.

with regards to be big VW TDI screw up, oddly even at their worst levels they were far far cleaner than any model from 2009 or before
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