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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN

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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN:


I have to say, that this is the harshest column that I've read about Martin. I believe it is unfortunate that there is still a dust-up about this, but Martin created a blog that flamed (and still flames) Elon Musk right after his ouster, causing an incredible amount of bad press for Tesla Motors, so I suppose payback was inevitable.

I've seen this same situation in a few start-ups, and so few individuals, who are capable of launching a start-up, are truly capable of taking the development all the way to production. Add to that the complexity of creating an automobile, as opposed to software, a circuit board or some hand held device. Perhaps we should be impressed with all that Martin did accomplish, but, unfortunately, his website took this whole situation down the wrong path.
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which is it? Was Martin the driver or Elon?
Well, we know Martin wasn't the driver when his Roadster was crashed :p
Elon knew this was going to be a PR nightmare and still does. Why not bring Martin on board as a consultant or at least keep him as the PR guy or something... Get the feeling this will be Steve Jobs all over again?
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