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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN

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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN:


I have to say, that this is the harshest column that I've read about Martin. I believe it is unfortunate that there is still a dust-up about this, but Martin created a blog that flamed (and still flames) Elon Musk right after his ouster, causing an incredible amount of bad press for Tesla Motors, so I suppose payback was inevitable.

I've seen this same situation in a few start-ups, and so few individuals, who are capable of launching a start-up, are truly capable of taking the development all the way to production. Add to that the complexity of creating an automobile, as opposed to software, a circuit board or some hand held device. Perhaps we should be impressed with all that Martin did accomplish, but, unfortunately, his website took this whole situation down the wrong path.
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I think Martin has every cause to be bitter and angry about Musk, and don't blame him in the least for lashing out.
Hmm.....maybe. But no. You see I don't like Musk. Not in the slightest (just in case that hasn't already become quite apparent).

The only thing I can say is that Martin made a deal with the devil and lost. His story should be a lesson to those of us who have yet to be tempted to do same, because sometimes you really do have to give up your soul.
I guess the confusing thing about the article, is that Martin keeps saying Elon was running everything, but then Martin wants to say that he did everything that worked - which is it? Was Martin the driver or Elon?
I'm guessing that, initially, both were making equally valuable contributions, but that eventually Musk decided it was his money and therefore only his opinion that mattered.

I'm further guessing that he either told Martin in no uncertain terms to like it or lump it or didn't confront him at all, doing this end-run around him to gain control instead.
Here is Martin's response directly to Michael V. Copeland
Four hours later. He must have a Google Alert set up for "Tesla". LOL!
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