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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN

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Tesla's Wild Ride by Michael V. Copeland, CNN:


I have to say, that this is the harshest column that I've read about Martin. I believe it is unfortunate that there is still a dust-up about this, but Martin created a blog that flamed (and still flames) Elon Musk right after his ouster, causing an incredible amount of bad press for Tesla Motors, so I suppose payback was inevitable.

I've seen this same situation in a few start-ups, and so few individuals, who are capable of launching a start-up, are truly capable of taking the development all the way to production. Add to that the complexity of creating an automobile, as opposed to software, a circuit board or some hand held device. Perhaps we should be impressed with all that Martin did accomplish, but, unfortunately, his website took this whole situation down the wrong path.
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Tesla is doing the right thing, Eberhard was a visionary leader, but wasn't a good fit for the company once it began to operate. If he would like to go down in history as the next Henry Ford, he can rest assured that Mr. Ford had the same problems with financials and it was only when the Wiz Kids came in that they got Fords finances straightened out.

Hiring the former Chrysler VP is going to help out, bringing in program and quality control managers is going to be essential for ensuring a durable and well timed vehicle. I'm amazed at the work that goes into producing a vehicle. Mr. Musk probably has a new found respect for the Big 3 and other OEMs.
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