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Tesla Q1 2017 Earnings: Model 3 On Track For July Production Start

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May 3, 2017 2:30 PM PT
Tesla Motors, Inc. First Quarter 2017 Financial Results Q&A Conference Call
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Q1'17 Update Letter 629.2 KB <--- link

“Model 3 vehicle development is nearly complete as we approach the start of production. Release Candidate vehicles, built using production-intent tooling and processes, are being tested to assess fit and finish, to support vehicle software development and to ensure a smooth and predictable homologation process. Road testing is also underway to refine driving dynamics and ensure vehicle durability.

Simultaneously, preparations at our production facilities are on track to support the ramp of Model 3 production to 5,000 vehicles per week at some point in 2017, and to 10,000 vehicles per week at some point in 2018.

We recently powered on our newest Schuler press line, and have started the commissioning process. This will allow sufficient time to install and tune die sets ahead of volume production. Paint shop preparation has been completed and installations of our dedicated Model 3 body welding and general assembly lines are progressing well. Equipment installation is also underway for volume manufacturing of cells, modules, battery packs and drive units at Gigafactory 1. We are working closely with all Model 3 suppliers to ensure their readiness ahead of start of production.”
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Pretty wild- the assumption is Tesla's investments make them the guaranteed de facto largest player in the American automobile 10-15 years from now. Otherwise, yeah, why would Tesla possibly be worth more than GM or Ford??

I'm not knocking Tesla's achievements, the Model S/X, upcoming 3, and the super-charging network, other ventures. But Tesla's stock price seems way out of range.
TSLA is a popular gaming machine. Some like Wheel of Fortune or Blackjack or Keno, others like TSLA.

Their stock price has absolutely zero tie in to the company's balance sheet. Many folk have made millions on it, others have lost.

It will last until the stock stops fluctuating wildly. You can make quick money on a stock only if it moves up and down rapidly. And like sharks attracted to chum, the gamblers are drawn to the table.

If TSLA collapses, it has the potential to lose more play money than the GM BK cost. GM went BK during the 2009 global retreat. Cars were not selling. Many companies went BK or were sold for pennies on the dollar. Tesla doesn't currently have significant sales numbers to warrant it's purchase as a running car company, GM did obviously.
That's awesome news for the reservation holders. They will start getting their cars in July.
I am a Day One California (non-Tesla owner) reservationist. I will be pleasantly surprised if I receive a Model 3 by July but do not expect to.

2018 that is.

Why would think something that pessimistic?

The reveal cars had no charge ports and some SAE engineer believed the body was fiberglass. No outsiders were allowed to drive them.

It's over 1 year later, and no outsider has driven a Model 3. I don't think they have a fully functional car for the press yet, so ...
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