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Tesla Pickup...the big question is when?

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We have recently heard about several of Tesla’s upcoming vehicles, especially the Model Y and Tesla Semi since they are expected to be unveiled next, but we haven’t heard about the planned electric pickup truck in a while.

Now CEO Elon Musk hints that it could be based on the same tech developed for Tesla Semi.
When Musk unveiled Tesla’s product plan last year, he revealed that Tesla had an electric pickup truck in early stages of development. Musk had already been talking about Tesla making an electric pickup for a few years now, but in April 2017, he said that the company is only going to reveal it “18 to 24 months” from now.

That’s the last time we heard of Tesla’s upcoming pickup as the company focused on Model Y, which is expected to be a crossover based on the platform developed for Model 3, and Tesla Semi, the all-electric semi truck, which Tesla plans to unveil on October 26th.

Now Musk responded to someone on Twitter suggesting that Tesla should build a light duty pickup after Tesla Semi:
You can ignore all the commenters on the Semi...

In a previous op-ed after Musk said that Tesla doesn’t plan to unveil its pickup truck until the end of the decade, I argued that ‘Tesla should unveil its electric pickup truck and open reservations right away for the sake of the US auto industry‘.

The idea is that pickups are the profit centers for all the American automakers and by showing that there’s demand for electric versions of those trucks, like Tesla’s reservation process did with the Model 3, it would jump-start efforts to electrify their own truck programs.

At this point, Tesla’s new vehicle unveiling plans remain unclear. Based on Musk’s previous comments that Model Y is the priority at Tesla after Model 3, you would think that we were going to see that car first, but now all the attention is on Tesla Semi.

Furthermore, Tesla is already offering discounts on the next-gen Roadster through its referral program even though we have no idea when we are going to see that car.

And yes...if there were an announced waiting list...I'd put down a deposit on one of these...:)
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Curious: When another car maker puts out a concept it's car porn. In this case are you guys taking this more seriously?
If they were selling a (arrgghh) 'compelling' work truck that was EREV or BEV, I'd have one already. Via Motors missed the mark.
Were you planning a fleet buy?

So.... restated, is this "if" any more substantial that any other?

Just fer lookin at

A pickup version of a Model S doesn't strike me as particularly compelling. Image and branding is part of it. Tesla's reliability rating for me is a bigger issue. When I haul stuff or go off-road I want to feel like my truck is up to the task.
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You must be too young to remember the era of the ElCamino
Don't tell me you see this as an El Camino. And you didn't answer the question.
Just the styling...:)

I thought the fleet buy question was directed to Qinsp
The one before that.
Since this looks like an Model S is closer to reality that other car porn...remember the ElCamino and Rancheros went from design to implementation quite rapidly...:)

I am looking for whoever will sell an EV pickup or facsimile...such as the Bollinger B1 (I am on their waiting list)

IF Musk said they were going to start manufacturing these next year...I'd get on the list and expect it to be over a year late...:)...(assuming they are still in business, because they will be going to the well for more operating money)...and if someone else delivered an EV pickup before Tesla...then I'd go with that product, assuming it is NOT CRAP
Well, I guess I can see some El Camino size comparison. Not quite a Silverado - maybe a Colorado. I don't see this replacing your Duramax.

It's probably more of a Model X chopped. I surely don't see it as either a hauler or an off-roader. Most of the Silverados at the dealer aren't haulers either. The beds are too short. This is how mine looks (add chrome tube side assist steps, window tint, 4X4 decals, raised white outline tires [old school] and a soft tonneau cover).

8-foot bed.
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