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Tesla Model 3 - this really bugs me

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This video got over 2M views on YouTube, yet in the first 2 seconds this flaw stuck out like a sore thumb. I know these are prototypes, but at least get the doors and trim pieces right. The front and rear door lower window trim pieces look to be about 1/4 inch off.

Not regretting my TM3 reservation cancellation.
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Steverino, I trust that you live in a place where people don't steal "portable homelinks" aka garage door openers. I live in a nice area, but there are reports in my neighborhood where they break into cars, steal the remotes and now have access to your garage and likely home. The best solution (that stays with the car) is homelink where it works only when car is on or a minute or so afterwards. Best solution outside of the car is app on phone that opens garage.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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