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Tesla Model 3 - this really bugs me

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This video got over 2M views on YouTube, yet in the first 2 seconds this flaw stuck out like a sore thumb. I know these are prototypes, but at least get the doors and trim pieces right. The front and rear door lower window trim pieces look to be about 1/4 inch off.

Not regretting my TM3 reservation cancellation.
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So the real question... does the Model 3 have homelink? Recall the g2 tirades people had on this forum with the removal of homelink? Instead the model 3 is DICless.

So does the bolt have homelink? For sure, the Bolt is not DICless.
This could be in your house...:rolleyes:
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This is my house....the drywallers came and left before I could get them to fix this.

Thanks a lot Upper5, I'm trying to go dark and you draw me back....

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Having gone through rebuilding our house about 10 years ago, I can relate...

Very nice room divider, BTW.
It's not a room divider. Just some nice trim along the stairway. You can see a model home of my house below. I have the same trellises that divide the kitchen and the dining room from the living room (scroll to the picture of the stairways). But this is definitely not a McMansion - it took us a long time to find a house plan that wasn't a basic box with juts out of it and a hugely unusable great room. For those interested in an architect with some style search for Sarah Susanka and her Not So Big line of books (not so big house, not so big garden, not so big life). She's all about not going insane with square footage and great rooms and spending the money on nicer materials, meaningful storage and nooks, and making the place cozy. But don't get me wrong, my 3 bedroom house is over 4500 sq feet not including the basement, and it wasn't cheap. But we love it, turned down a swanky job move to Texas to keep it.
That was the fault of the framers.

Who is responsible for that semi-gloss paint color?

Paint colors were selected by a lady who helped my wife with the colors. Everything my wife chose, she went 2 shades darker. The only color shows up on small walls and nooks. The master bedroom has bright orange. The kids bedrooms have a dark purple (official name was Heather Glen). The TV room has shrimp cocktail (reddish orange).
When I go fully custom home I want this.

How about a house like Tony Stark?
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