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The current interface ... but as we know and they pointed out toward the end the Over-The-Air/OTA updates can easily make changes to add features or tweak the way it works as they get more and more feedback.

DÆrik -- Published on Nov 25, 2017
Title: Tesla Model 3 Screen *IN DEPTH REVIEW*

P.S. Our GenII Volt interface is so bad and annoying. The map part to adjust anything leaves that lower 'bar' up for like 30 seconds and no way to get rid of it. The whole thing is very clumsy by comparison to the Tesla interface, IMO. We do use the Android Auto interface but it is also inconsistent and sometimes requiring unplugging/re-plugging a cable to get it to show up and work. And this is with a current Pixel phone.

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I got through less than half. What I saw cement my view that for many functions -- and likely the most important -- the screen is a big step backwards. For some things, like charging, the screen is great. But for others, like the wipers and cruise control, it seems like a huge PITA. What's easier? To flick the control on the wheel down to cut your speed? Or to reach over and try to press a screen when the car is moving? Basically the screen controls are great for functions when you're parked. For functions when you're moving, not so much.

I find the screen for navigation on the Volt to be too low resolution to be useful. If you zoom in you can't see enough. Zoom out and you don't have enough detail. It's ridiculously bad. This screen is a vast improvement.

The screen would also be nice for doing thing like opening the trunk or doors. Again, things you do when parked.

But on balance I don't see the screen as being a reasonable replacement for steering controls or the DIC.

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Trying to make a precision touch on a display, while at high speed, while keeping your eyes on the road is a pretty difficult thing to do on the Volt. I can't imagine trying to fine-tune items like cruise control speed, etc... while moving.
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