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Tesla Model 3 - CNET Roadshow

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CNET Roadshow: First Take on the Tesla Model 3.
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I think the most important news here is that the Model 3 is also setting a 300+ mile range standard at the $44K price level (in the bigger battery version), and with sport sedan caliber acceleration. A fully loaded 3, with a 300 mile range and equipped to completely drive itself in the near future will wear a price around $59K. That is both serious price and product pressure on the whole industry. The rumored Buick version of the Bolt could look decidedly weak in comparison, but would have the advantage of being (or at least looking like) a CUV, which is in the hot spot of sales these days.
I want to see what the 35K version looks like...smaller battery than the Bolt?
"The rumored Buick version of the Bolt could look decidedly weak in comparison". That reads like you shower negative comments for products that have not been sold yet. Fact is that the Model 3 isn't fully in the market. Don't give negative comments unless you have a real comparison between two existing products. As of now, the Chevy Bolt EV is SUPERIOR because it is on sale since December 2016, which makes the Model 3 "weaker".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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